DEC 2020

Live remote rooms are very different from in person escape rooms, and that means that preparing for the remote room is very different as well.  Hopefully this will help prepare you to enjoy your Live Remote experience!

Initial Messages

After booking your game, you will receive a couple of emails from Fox in a Box - Chicago.  One of them has instructions and connection information and the subject line leads with:  Login information.  And that is your key email.  Sure, the others are important, but the login information is vital!

The email looks something like this:


Please forward that email to everyone in your group!  Sure, we could ask for all of their emails when you book the game, but who is that organized?

You can also add more people to the fun!  If you’re going to add players, please let us know beforehand and take care of the payment before you arrive (+1-312-878-7899).  No one wants to share their credit card information over a party line with a bunch of other people.

Getting Prepared

For our In Person escape rooms, you really just needed to show up.  Unfortunately, that’s not the way live escape rooms work.  We do depend on you having a few things.  And some things we really recommend.

Required Items:

  • A zoom capable internet connection
  • A device capable of running both Zoom and a web browser

Strongly recommended items per person:

  • 1 laptop or desktop per person (OPTIONAL: Second screen or tablet.  phones are NOT recommended)
  • Headphone / microphone 
  • Zoom installed and working on one device.  And a web browser on the other device
  • A good internet connection
  • Paper & pen
If you cannot manage all of the strongly recommended items for every single person in your group, check out the FAQs below on why we think it’s a good idea.

At some point before the game, please register your game at .  Registration by every player is required before starting the game.

We would love to get a picture of you after the game.  If you have fun props or costumes, have them ready.  Heck why not wear/use them while you’re playing the game?  It’s your playground, play!

On the day

At the appointed time (or maybe a minute or two early), everyone should fire up their devices, click on the link from the email and see something that looks like this:

Enter your name and click “Play”  (game doesn’t start yet, but it will soon.... :) )

The following screen will appear:
At this point you can fire up zoom by clicking Start Zoom.

Zoom should show up after you go through whatever screens you need to get Zoom to show up.  And if you don’t have to install Zoom now, pat yourself on the back for following the instructions earlier!  You’re well on your way to saving the world!

If this is your only device, resize the two windows so that you can see the browser window on half of the screen, and Zoom on the other half.  Something like this might work: