MAY 2022

Make that birthday party bigger, bolder, and better!

Your birthday is looming, and you’re not sure where to have the party…or what activities to include?

A birthday is a very special event, setting a milestone in one’s life, and it certainly deserves an epic and memorable celebration.

That said, organizing a birthday party can be a bit of a challenge. Especially the bit where you have to choose a birthday party activity that will allow for every single guest to participate…

AND that the guests will remember as one of the best parties they ever took part in!

Here’s your answer: hold the birthday party at Fox in a Box Escape Room Chicago - the birthday activity Chicagoans are raving about.

The birthday activity Chicagoans are raving about? Really?


Don’t take my word for it.

Here’s an actual review from someone who celebrated their birthday here (from TripAdvisor)

Fox in a Box Chicago birthday party review

Looks interesting. What is Fox in a Box Escape Room, and what do we get to do on our birthday there?

As the name suggests, Fox in a Box Escape Room is an escape room in Chicago. And yes, I know that will probably win the prize for the most meaningless answer to a question in 2022.

In a Fox in a Box Escape Room birthday party, you will be immersed in an exciting world, with challenges and adventure all around.

Friends having a great time at Fox in a Box Chicago

Looks like something you'd want to be doing on your birthday?

You and your team ( friends and family members attending the party) will be led into a themed room that’s been set up to simulate (with decor, props and special effects) a special situation.

Once inside the room, you’ll have to accomplish certain objectives by solving puzzles, spotting clues, and executing tasks. All of that, before your time - 60 minutes - runs out.

For example, in our escape room The Bunker, you’ll enter a space that’s been set up like a real-life military bunker, and your mission is to prevent a catastrophic nuclear weapons launch within 60 minutes.

That sounds awesome! But, will the others at the party like it?

The entire team working together to beat an escape game!

Our escape room adventures are awesome. And yes, everyone at your Fox in a Box Chicago birthday party will LOVE it.

Let me put it another way. Our escape rooms are built to be shared experiences that draw every single person in the team to actively take part in the game.

Anything can happen in our escape rooms. The combination of thrilling storylines and missions, highly immersive room decor, challenging puzzles, and great special effects will keep everyone on their toes.

There’s not going to be a single person that’s standing in a corner, yawning or brooding over their phones.

Player review about Fox in a Box escape games being group activities

The escape games are also designed to give everyone - with different skill sets or none - a role. Someone’s good at observing stuff and spotting items that are ‘hidden in plain sight’, and so on? They have a role to play.

Someone’s good at communicating with other people? They have a role to play.

Someone’s good at simply encouraging others? They have a role to play - a very important one.

In fact, this could be the birthday party when you - or someone on your team - discovers their own unique ability…whether it’s cracking codes, catching patterns, keeping time and so on.

With four unique and exciting escape rooms to choose from, and staff that is experienced at helping players have an epic adventure, your birthday party here at Fox in a Box is sure to be bigger, bolder, and better than ever before!

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