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WOW the bride-to-be with a killer party in Chicago!

Seeking to plan the ultimate bachelorette party in Chicago for your bestie?

Wondering how to curate activities that’ll have the whole bridal squad buzzing with excitement?

Aiming to organize an event that’s a notch above the average bash?

We've got your back!

The best ideas for your Chicago bachelorette party

Discover top activities for a memorable bachelorette party in Chicago.

Imagine cruising Lake Michigan with your closest friends and getting pampered at a luxurious spa before heading out for a toast to the future.

Or immersing yourself in escape rooms and grooving to the beat at upscale nightclubs.

Pick and choose from our handpicked options to plan an epic final hurrah for the bride-to-be!

Chicago bachelorette weekend ideas

Ideas for a fun-filled bachelorette weekend in Chicago.

Give the betrothed an entire weekend’s worth of memories!

Why celebrate just one night when you and your crew can own the city for an entire weekend? Let's see how to plan…

  • Luxury Lakefront Lounging: Set sail on Lake Michigan (a hot favorite among Chicago couples too) for a glamorous evening cruise with stunning skyline views.

  • Spa Day Extravaganza: Unwind with a day of pampering and relaxation at Chicago's top luxury spas.

  • Exclusive Club Experience: Hit the city's elite nightclubs with VIP access for a night of dancing and cocktails.

  • Culinary Crawl: Taste your way through Chicago's best eats, from deep-dish pizza to gourmet dining.

  • Cultural Chic: Explore Chicago's rich culture with a museum visit or architectural boat tour for those perfect squad pics.

  • Bachelorette Weekend Games: Add laughter and bonding with fun games like "Truth or Dare," escape rooms, or bride-themed quizzes.

Each activity is designed to bring the squad closer and make the weekend truly unforgettable.

The best hotels for bachelorette parties in Chicago

Chicago's best hotels for a bachelorette party stay.

Luxurious stays for the bridal party!

Choosing the right crash pad is crucial for your bachelorette weekend extravaganza. Here are your top options…

  • Party HQ: With chic rooms, a rooftop bar, and a downtown location, The Virgin Hotel is the ultimate party headquarters.

  • Luxury & Leisure: For exclusive luxury, look no further than The Peninsula. Spa, pool, and breathtaking city views? Check, check, and check!

  • Boutique Vibes: The Emily Hotel offers a more laid-back, hipster vibe with spacious lofts and killer city views. Plus, their rooftop bar is a must-visit for a stylish nightcap.

  • Budget-Friendly but Fabulous: Partying on a budget? The Freehand Chicago offers shared or private rooms with a bohemian flair right in the heart of River North.

Choose a hotel that resonates with the bride-to-be's style and the weekend vibe.

Chicago’s best bars & restaurants for a bachelorette party

Top dining spots for bachelorette parties in Chicago.

Chi-Town is brimming with bars and restaurants, perfect for your bachelorette bash. 

From rooftop bars with stunning views to cozy restaurants with comfort food, we’ve got your night covered.

Sip & celebrate at rooftop bars

  • Cindy's Rooftop: Artisanal cocktails with panoramic views of Millennium Park and Lake Michigan - a crazy fun addition to your bestie’s bridal event!

  • The J. Parker: Creative drinks with an unobstructed view of the city and lake from Hotel Lincoln's rooftop.

Dining in style - Chicago’s best restaurants for bachelorettes

  • Girl & The Goat: Bold, global flavors in the West Loop from celebrity chef Stephanie Izard. Another couples’ favorite in Chicago.

  • RPM Italian: Chic setting serving modern Italian dishes - perfect for the stylish squad.

Unique dining experiences for the adventurous bride-to-be

  • The Magic Parlour: Fine dining meets dazzling live magic for an unforgettable evening.

  • Medieval Times: Jousting, knights, and a feast fit for a queen for an out-of-the-ordinary experience.

Late-night bites for party animals

  • Au Cheval: America's best burger, ideal for satisfying late-night cravings.

  • The Purple Pig: Mediterranean-inspired dishes on Michigan Avenue, perfect for winding down or fueling up.

Brunch spots to cure the morning-after blues

  • Summer House Santa Monica: Sunny vibes and a refreshing brunch menu that’s totally Insta-worthy.

  • Beatrix: Delicious and health-conscious brunch options for the light-hearted. Located near the Museum of Illusions, which could be a neat option if you’re searching for unique & unusual bachelorette party activities in Chicago.

Tip: Fine dining in the West Loop is one of the most popular activities for young adults in Chicago.

The best bachelorette party clubs in Chicago

Premier clubs in Chicago for bachelorette celebrations.

Ready to dance the night away?

When the sun sets and the city lights up, it's your cue to take the bride-to-be on a whirlwind tour of Chicago's most electrifying nightclubs. 

The Underground Chicago

Dive into the heart of Chicago's nightlife at The Underground Chicago

With celebrity DJs spinning the decks, it's the ultimate spot for your squad to let loose.

PRYSM Nightclub

This upscale venue offers a lavish setting with state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems. 

Book a VIP table to make the bride-to-be feel like the queen she is, sipping on premium cocktails and grooving to top-tier DJs.


Craving offbeat party options? Smartbar is your go-to. 

Known for its underground electronic beats and inclusive atmosphere, it's perfect for dancing until dawn - one more Windy City attraction that’s crazy fun.

Tip: Dress to impress – bachelorette party outfits in Chicago can be as chic or as themed as you dare! Keep scrolling for inspo…

Chicago's top bachelorette party spas

Relaxing spa experiences for bachelorette parties in Chicago.

Unwind and rejuvenate before the big day!

Is a bachelorette bash even complete without a spa day? 

Yeah, we didn’t think so either.

Score some major Maid Of Honor points by booking a day of relaxation that’ll have everyone in the bridal party feeling zen and rejuvenated.

  • Luxury Treatments at AIRE Ancient Baths: Plunge into serenity with your squad at this otherworldly spa, enjoying soothing baths and massages. A top Valentine’s Day attraction among Chicagoans.

  • Wellness Retreat at The Spa at The Peninsula Chicago: Elevate the pampering with state-of-the-art wellness facilities and signature treatments tailored for the ultimate relaxation experience.

  • Urban Oasis at Allyu Spa: Unwind in this sanctuary that offers a range of services from therapeutic massages to holistic healing practices, perfect for prepping the bridal party for the big day.

Tip: Many Chicago spas offer bachelorette packages, including group discounts, private rooms, and complimentary treats - check the website for those!

Cruise Lake Michigan with a boat bachelorette party

Setting sail on Lake Michigan for a bachelorette party.

Picture this: the betrothed and her retinue setting sail on Lake Michigan, with the stunning Chicago skyline setting the perfect scene.

  • Sunset cruises with Chicago's First Lady: Experience mesmerizing skyline views at dusk, complemented by a champagne toast, making it an Insta-worthy moment. A top August activity in Chicago.

  • Tiki Boat Adventures: Catch those chill, tropical vibes with Tiki Boat rentals, ideal for mixing cocktails and grooving on Lake Michigan with your fave people.

  • Private Yacht Charters: Customize your cruise for a swanky and distinctive celebration that the bride-to-be will always remember.

Escape room bachelorette party in Chicago

Thrilling escape room adventures for bachelorette parties in Chicago.

Crack the code to fun with a Chicago escape room challenge.

Craving a side of adrenaline with your champagne toasts? 

Let us rev up your crew with mystery-solving escape room mayhem that’ll make for awesome memories.

  • Diverse themes for every vibe: From the high-stakes heist in "The Bank" to the chilling suspense in "Zodiac," we have a storyline for every squad

  • Dress up: Why not spice up the experience with themed bachelorette party outfits? Be it bank robbers in sleek black or spies with trench coats, you're set for an Instagram goldmine.

  • Custom challenges: Our game masters can tailor your experience with inside jokes or bachelorette themes, making the bride-to-be feel like the star of her very own thriller.

In a nutshell - If you like a bachelorette party scavenger hunt, you’ll LOVE us!

We - Chicago’s #1 escape room (yeah, we were actually VOTED that) - are located in the historic Dearborn Galleria in the South Loop. 

Hit us up for a killer boost to a bachelorette bash in the Windy City!

Standup & improv bachelorette party in Chicago

Laugh out loud with Chicago's standup and improv for your bachelorette party.

Guaranteed to have the bridal squad in stitches!

Ready to laugh until it hurts? 

Chicago's comedy scene is no joke and offers a hilarious twist to the traditional bachelorette party. 

  • The Laugh Factory: Catch top-tier acts at The Laugh Factory for a night where laughter never ends. And their VIP packages might just get you and your girls the best seats in the house!

  • Second City: Immerse yourself in the world of improv at Second City, the legendary comedy club that's launched countless careers. Be warned - The audience often becomes part of the show! One of the best group activities in Chicago.

  • Comedy Bar: Nestled in downtown Chicago, Comedy Bar features the city's finest comedians. Their intimate setting & tasty menu creates a cozy vibe, perfect for a night of giggles and bonding. A great place for Chicago birthday parties as well!

Tip: Check out showtimes in advance and consider booking a bachelorette party package for special perks like reserved seating and complimentary drinks.

Offbeat & unique Chicago bachelorette party ideas

Explore unique and unconventional bachelorette party activities in Chicago.

Looking to throw a bachelorette bash in Chicago that's anything but ordinary? 

Dive into these fabulously unique activities that promise an unforgettable celebration for the bride-to-be and her squad. 

  • Magic Night Out at Chicago Magic Lounge: Enjoy cocktails and card tricks as you and your crew build unforgettable memories at Chicago Magic Lounge, a top January draw in Chicago.

  • Ping-Pong Showdown at AceBounce: Serve up some fun with a competitive edge at AceBounce, where ping-pong, music, and munchies meet. One of Chicago’s best-known tourist attractions.

  • Aerial Yoga Fun at AIR Aerial Fitness: Elevate the party with aerial yoga classes, offering fun, fitness, and flying silks.

  • Cocktail Crafting Masterclass: Awaken your inner mixologist wth a cocktail crafting class in Chicago's top bars like Lost Lake and The Violet Hour.

  • Fashionista's Delight on the Magnificent Mile: Hit the Mag Mile for a shopping spree blending luxury and style - perfect for those Instagram moments!

Bachelorette party ideas in the Chicago suburbs